The Big Bow Mystery

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The Big Bow Mystery is known as the first detective story in which the door closes and the game begins. The text of the novel is full of the keys and clues to the solution that makes the reading even


more interesting as the reader is faced a mystery which is to be discovered. It is possible to find many solutions and quite difficult to choose the right one. The novel uses a classic approach according to which the least suspected person turns out to be miscreant. The Big Bow Mystery narrates about a murder of a famous union agitator. Somebody has cut his throat in his apartment in East End in Bow Street. There was nobody inside because the door was locked from inside and the windows were bolted. As there is no weapon nearby, we cannot state that this was a suicide. We run across one suspected person but he has a really good alibi. The police seems to be completely lost that can be told from their words: "It seems clear that the deceased did not commit suicide. It seems equally clear that the deceased was not murdered." The novel is recommended to all lovers of detective stories.

The Big Bow Mystery
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