Darius the Great

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Jacob Abbott was an American writer who wrote for children. He wrote a great amount of amazing juvenile fiction books, brief stories, biographies, religious books for the general reader, and a few wor


ks in popular science. His Rollo series, among which there are ‘Rollo at Work’ and ‘Rollo at Play’, are the best known of his works. The main character of these stories is a representative boy and his associates. His other works include: ‘Rollo on the Atlantic’ (1853), ‘Rollo in Paris’ (1854), Rollo on the Rhine (1855), ‘Georgie’ (1855), ‘Rollo in Holland’ (1856), ‘Rollo in Rome’ (1858), ‘Rollo in Switzerland’ (1858), ‘Rollo in the Woods’ and ‘Peter the Great’.

Darius the Great
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