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THIS book was announced as forthcoming in May last, and was expected by the subscribers for over thirty thou sand copies about midsummer but, notwithstanding a per sistency of effort which threatened


to exhaust every thing in me except my patience and hope, I was not able to secure the narrative material for the third chapter until the end of August and that which was required for all after the eighth was delayed till the 7th of November. I have worked hard, under pressure of a clamorous im patience for the publication. The toil which does not appear in these pages, I think, amounts to ten times more than the reader will discover, unless he has some time written a biography out of the raw material. I have not been unpunctual. Moreover, I have had so very, very little help that my only temptation to affect thankfulness would be a division of the responsibility, which, in the strictest justice to all parties, rests exclusively upon myself. My aim was not to write a review of Dr. Kanes writings, but a memoir of the man, which might serve to make his readers personally acquainted with him. I would do this, or I would do nothing and, working steadily to this end, I think I have not diluted my narrative with any thing except my own personality, for which I respectfully refuse to offer either justification or apology. It will be observed how largely, andhow freely too, I have quoted from Dr. Kanes private letters and memoranda. Bless the memory of the man for the happiness I have this day in declaring that I have not been obliged to suppress a letter or a line for the sake of his fame I struck out only one word in all my quotations from his manuscript, and altered one in the report of him by a correspondent and these only because they would have been misunderstood. May I not well be glad that nothing has discovered itself, in all this scrutiny of the character and conduct of my sub ject, which could affect my regard for him, or leave me with a shade of doubt or discomfort after all I have said ofhim The Obsequies of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, appended to the biography proper, and making so large a part of the volumes value, were prepared by the Honorable Joseph R. Chandler, of this city. His name is a sufficient voucher for their worth. PHILADELPHIA, December 14, 1857. W. E. CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. GENEALOGY The Maternal Line through a Century Birth Baptism Childhood Hardihood Pugilism and Polar Practice School-Cramps Juvenile Polytechnics Drift of Nature under Direction of Provi dence... CHAPTER II. The Boys Battlewiththe Books His Studies at Play Reconciliation on hisown Terms, and atWork with a Will His Collegiate Course Civil Engineering System Suiting the Subject Dangerous Illness Self- Culture, its Limits and itsAuthorities Life in aNew Light The Study of Medicine A Student at Blockley Character at Twenty-One Celi bacy, and a Reason for it 29 CHAPTER III. Senior Physician at Blockley Duties and Studies Inaugural Thesis Verdict of the Profession Physiological Exploration, Methodology, Apparatus, Certitude Unrest, Cause and Cure Assistant Surgeon United States Navy Better Health China Mission First Voyage As it is written Studies Aboard Around Bombay Ceylon Tropic Life 5 MM 13 44

Biography of Elisha Kent Kane
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